Conan, Da Peng seal soul mate deal

Conan, Da Peng seal soul mate deal

The US major media talk show host Conan O’Brien has gone head-to-head with China’s internet talk show MC Da Peng (大鹏) — and both have come out on top.

Da Peng’s grandparents believe their boy has found his soul mate and have given him a jade heirloom to present to Conan and further cement their friendship.

The fraternity between both sides of the Pacific was arrived at after Da Peng shamelessly ripped off the opening sequence of Conan’s show to introduce his own.

Conan found out and exposed him on prime time: “For years now, China has been ripping off America with cheap knockoffs, right?” Conan said. “If you’re going to rip off my show, I think I should rip off their show, don’t you? And let’s see how you like it?”

Then he copied some tricks on Da Peng’s show, including having his sidekick Andy Richter dress in a traditional Chinese costume, while Conan led his audience with the chant “USA! USA!”

Da Peng responded by taking the opening sequence off and replacing it with a simple black and white card saying, “Opening.” He apologized to Conan and the Chinese people for “losing face.”

Da Peng called his own show a “knockoff” and joked his ex-gf was regretting dumping him because he’d been on mainstream US TV.

He also added: “China has bought so much of your national debt, but we have never made fun of you running around, borrowing money from everyone,” and shouting “China! China!”

“That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen,” Conan said of Da Peng’s introductory graphics and got his production crew to come up with something for Da Peng, with a fire breathing dragon and Chinese zodiac wheel.

“I was flattered that you ripped us off. I took it as a compliment,” Conan concluded.

And now Da Peng is about to send his family’s jade heirloom to Conan and cement their brotherhood.

YouTube and China’s ripoff Youku have been running the videos and comments include:

“I think Da Peng’s response was snappier than Conan’s ever was. Conan acted silly and did Asian parodies that were obviously not meant to be taken seriously and never went beyond parodying the show, while Da Peng brought out… USA’s debt? Not wanting to be mistaken as Korean? Part Korean? I’m not saying he had bad intentions, but it’s obvious his response had more bite. inb4 getting mouthed off, I’m Asian” — Yakurimoe

“This whiti chinese guy just used reverse psychology on Conan not only did they make him a intro the even did the “there was no need to apologize sorry for making you feel bad dance” i c how you be doing Da Peng” — 72vince27

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  1. Mr.chow November 20, 2012 5:31 pm #

    That ugly Irish bastard got owned! China needs to ask USA “where my money bitch!?”

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