Steve Jobs is an angel

Steve Jobs is an angel

Forget the iPhone 5, this is the real deal.

A Taiwanese computer firm called Action Electronics has released a TV ad in Taiwan with a comedian named Ah-Ken (阿Ken) playing the Apple founder.

He poses as Steve Jobs hawking a new product called “Action Pad.”

In the popular commercial, the apparently heavenly Jobs, played by Ah-ken, sports the Apple CEO’s famous black T-shirt and blue jeans.

But he also has a white-haired wig, angel wings and a halo.

The tablet pad is made in Taiwan and marketed by Action Electronics.

The ad is meant to be both funny and humorous — but is it?

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  3. Jim Buchan February 1, 2012 9:40 pm #

    A letter to Action Electronics (that is my video in the blog above):

    Good Day,

    I am currently in Taiwan visiting family, and had a chance to see your Action Pad commercials and conferences with the Steve Jobs impersonator.

    I find them in great distaste. They do not just cross the line of common business courtesy, respect and decorum, but completely ignore and leap over it.

    This commercial is getting some pretty harsh criticism from some highly respected people, and every person that I have spoke with in Taiwan and elsewhere over the last several days regarding this campaign find it completely in bad taste.

    As a business person and investor myself, I feel sometimes one needs to stand up for what is right and within common business decorum and respect, or we risk heading into a terrible downward spiral.

    Unfortunately, I have requested a boycott of your company and the ACTION PAD TABLET from anyone who believes in common respect, courtesy and business decorum–please believe me, when I say that this is the first time that I have ever recommended boycotting a company or product and I take it with great seriousness, consideration and vigor.

    Personally I am not a big Steve Jobs fan, I still use a PC and Blackberry, but I am big into respect and common courtesy in business and marketing/sales–I do realize that Mr. Jobs is being shown as an angel, but he is also being showed in his most unhealthy state, a man battling with cancer to the end. The ad is not only offensive to Mr. Jobs family, friends, fans and colleagues, but really anyone who has and/or is battling cancer, or knows/known someone who has, and this is truly a large percent of the population.

    I am a capitalist at heart, actually a financial analyst and investment manager, and believe in the free markets and that the best and cheapest product should always prevail, but the tactics to market and sell one’s product do not ever need to be so boarding unethical and with a complete disregard for common courtesy. For example, Samsung, and other Android based tablets and Smartphones, have taken major market share without resorting to such disrespectful sales tactics, and that is my main point…if your product is good, which it actually appears to be based on reviews, it will sell, and there is no need for such style ad campaigns.

    I fully understand that all publicity is “good publicity”, but I will be working very hard to promote this boycott until these commercials are no longer aired in Taiwan or elsewhere, and I do have a pretty large online following, and sometimes submit and publish editorials in major Canadian and US newspapers. As well I am often contracted to provide analysis and opinion to other investment managers in North America and abroad.

    I truly think that this marketing tactic should be re-evaluated as I believe that it may do more harm than good for your investors, and the good reputation of your fine company.

    It is just disappointing, as I would expect more considerate business decisions from such a highly respected company and team of executives.

    Kindest Regards,

    Chen Jia Fong in Linkou Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan (a.k.a. Jim Buchan originally from Ottawa, ON)

  4. Action Mann February 1, 2012 8:24 pm #

    But not all agree with the ad’s intentions. “I saw it and my first feeling was it was disrespectful to the dead,” said CK Lu, an analyst with research firm Gartner.

    It’s common for Taiwanese television to poke fun at famous figures such as U.S. President Barack Obama and Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou, he said. “But again playing someone dead is not appropriate I am afraid,” Lu added.

  5. Action Man February 1, 2012 8:20 pm #

    An Action Electronics representative said on Wednesday, Feb 1, the company chose to use Jobs in the television ad because of the innovation he brought to technology. “We praise Jobs,” she said. “Jobs has done great things, and we also want to do the same.”

    It’s common for people to pay homage to famous figures like Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga for their influence, she added.

    “We are not trying to use his death,” the spokeswoman said. “This is not meant to make fun of Jobs.”

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