Big-boobed sales staff send mixed messages

Big-boobed sales staff send mixed messages

A department store in Taichung, central Taiwan, has hired five sexy, big-boobed ladies to dress just in bathrobes to promote its high-end spa services.

Despite the chilly weather, the curvy beauties have been standing at the entrance since Tuesday giving out leaflets, attracting numerous men to take photos with their cell phones.

But as the spa services target mainly rich women, netizens have been wondering whether the marketing team has used the wrong “bait.”

“What idiots! They should hire hunks,” said netizen Tommy Lee.

“The spa company wanna lures rich women but it has got so many young mistress candidates! Big problem with its marketing!” opined Summit Shop.

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  1. No Balls December 21, 2011 3:58 pm #

    Yea should hire the hunks.
    Can attract those unmarried old Taiwanese celebs.
    No more buses passing their way.

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