Just when Joe Ma thought he was safe …

Just when Joe Ma thought he was safe …

Joe Ma and wife Zhang Xiaolan; Joe and A.N. Other, possibly

Hong Kong actor Joe Ma‘s (马德钟) past has caught up with him — soon after being accused of being a sex pest by Rose Chan (陈嘉桓).

Photos of the Hong Kong actor in bed with an ex have been posted online.

Joe says the photos are from six years ago, when he was involved with a woman called “Katherine” in Thailand.

His 48-year-old wife Zhang Xiaolan (张筱兰) has stuck by her man by saying Joe knows how to “restrain himself.”

Last month Joe and Benny Chan (陈浩民) were accused of indecently assaulting Rose while shooting a film.

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  1. Wen-ting December 8, 2011 5:09 am #

    Not surprised! There must be more dirt about him…

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