Gigi Leung shows off trophy husband

Gigi Leung shows off trophy husband

Gigi Leung (梁咏琪) and Spanish husband Sergio returned to Hong Kong on Thursday, after their flash wedding in Ibiza early this month.

The two refused to kiss in front of nearly 100 reporters and instead showed off their wedding rings.

Asked whether they would have kids soon, the 35-year-old singer said they would let nature take its course.

As their wedding day, October 3, was one day ahead of Gigi’s ex-lover Ekin Cheng‘s (郑伊健) birthday, many said it was deliberate planned to snub Ekin.

She denied it, saying it was because the restaurant was available that day. 

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  1. zzz October 22, 2011 2:38 pm #

    Not much of a trophy if you ask me.
    More like there is no one else will go for her but a foreigner.

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