Greeny’s gay day

Greeny’s gay day

Greeny Wu (吳青峯) of Taiwan folk-rock band Sodagreen (蘇打綠) has been caught texting for sexing with a gay guy.

The flamboyant lead singer, aka Wu Tsing-fong, sent SMSs such as “Are you free?” and “I won’t rap to you anymore,” leading up to some lurid invitations to get it on.

The unidentified man who Greeny was communicating with claims he chatted with him on the telephone and on web cam.

Greeny’s agent confirmed the messages were from his phone but explained that Greeny had actually left the mobile with a friend, thereby suggesting that it wasn’t Greeny who actually sent the homosexually supercharged messages.

Desperate to protect his reputation, Greeny wrote on his microblog that he doesn’t know the guy! adding that “Those who harass others are lunatics.”

Greeny’s guy was so shocked to hear himself described as a lunatic, he issued a statement on Thursday, saying they started dating three months ago — after Greeny gave him his phone number.

He had intended to protect Greeny when the news broke but because of the perverse reaction and denials of Greeny and his staffers, he decided to clear his name.

Greeny’s guy has been named as Da Cheng (大誠).

Caption: Greeny rides his friend until he’s hoarse.

Source: China News

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