Smile! Candid student sex camera

Smile! Candid student sex camera

Two young students making young love, what could be more natural?

Well, when it’s caught on camera and the whole world is watching, it becomes something different.

The high-definition voyeur cam of the two Hebei Polytechnic University College of Light Industry coupling has turned into a heated discussion on the supposed morality of the post-90s generation.

Websites like SoFun have described the couple as typical of today’s 20-year-old Chinese, who care more about sex and fun than politics and money.

The video, which was uploaded onto the Internet, was said to have had “insane” viewing figures – before it was removed from all hosting sites.

The rumpy-pumpy ends with the couple discovering they have been caught on camera.

Source: SoFun, Chinasmack (photo)

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